Sijtje Boes Souvenirs

Sijtje Boes Souvenirs may be the Netherlands' most famous gift shop. For decades it has attracted visitors to Marken, a former island located in the Markermeer.

Retail worthy of royalty
Sijtje Boes, the shop's former proprietress, was a local legend who helped put Marken on the map. After opening her traditional Mark Armenian-style home for tours, she sold souvenirs from a basket. This side business eventually grew into a popular gift shop. In the years that followed, Boes sold clogs, miniature windmills and tulips to thousands of tourists from all around Europe and beyond. She was dubbed 'The Uncrowned Queen of Marken' after her death in 1983.

The shop is still attracting crowds over 30 years later. There you'll find gifts ranging from Delft Blue souvenirs to pottery and porcelain dolls.



Sijtje Boes Souvenirs
Havenbuurt 21

Phone number: 0299 601 451

Opening hours

Open daily.