About Volendam

 Around the globe, Volendam is by far the most famous place in the Netherlands after Amsterdam. Traditional costumes and smoked eel are two important ingredients to which Volendam owes its fame. Whoever thinks that Volendam only attracts foreign tourists is very much mistaken. This fishing village with its characteristic wooden houses just has to be seen, and certainly if you live in the Netherlands. The harbour, decorated with old fishing boats and pleasure craft, is a feast for the eyes.

Behind the dyke is the oldest part of Volendam’s centre known as the Doolhof: narrow streets with no clearly defined pattern guarantee an impressive walk. Little imagination is required to go back more than a hundred years in time here. This village has become immortalised in the works of many famous painters. It is praised as the jewel of the former Zuiderzee. And yes, it is a tourist attraction, and rightly so. Try to choose a quiet day and go for a walk along the dyke with its many shops, restaurants and pavement cafes, eat fresh fish and look out over the water. Daydream away while watching the people mooring their boats, on their way to the remote village of Marken or, where to? We are certain that you will return one day!