About Edam

Edam is a city. In 1375, it received its city charter from Count Willem V and, like Amsterdam and Hoorn, it developed into one of the main harbour cities of Noord-Holland. Its shipyards, lumber trade and mercantile spirit enabled Edam to grow into a true jewel of the former Zuiderzee, which we can still enjoy today. Stroll through the old city centre and enjoy the monumental houses, the churches, harbours, canals and squares.

In particular, the areas around the Dam and the Kaasweg give you the feeling of being in a treasure chamber full of the city’s finest jewels. The town centre between the old city walls is rightly designated by the government as a special area of conservation. Edam offers a rustic atmosphere. The town displays its splendour in full glory. But there’s more, such as the ‘Edammer’. This round ball of cheese is exported to all corners of the world. Cheese markets are still part of the street scene today. If you include the various hotels, restaurants, cafes and the many antique, art and souvenir shops, it will soon become clear that Edam has a lot to offer its visitors.