The little Dik Trom school

The first adventures of the chubby scallywag, Dik Trom, were written on this spot. The spiritual father of the hero of the famous children’s book series, C. Joh. Kieviet, was school headmaster in the rural village of Etersheim. The little school had only one classroom, but the children gave him enough inspiration to come up with all the pranks that Dik Trom carried out against the village inhabitants.

The perfectly restored single classroom school and teacher’s cottage is a unique monument that can be admired from outside and inside. In the former school building there’s the Children’s Book Museum with – of course – the focus on the author and the history of Dik Trom.

See how children were taught 100 years ago through storyteller, Johan Kieviet. Write with a fountain pen on a Dik Trom postcard. Dive into the dress-up chest. Listen to stories and tell your own story.