Aandammer route

This sailing route runs through Waterland-East. You sail from Broek in Waterland to Holysloot, Zuiderwoude and Uitdam. Through beautiful canals and elongated peat ponds, past outer marshes with numerous reed birds. The route is marked out by wooden posts with a yellow tip.

Route information
Type of route: sailing route
Route category: canoe route
Distance: 15 kilometres
Region: Waterland
Starting Point: Broek in Waterland

Rental facilities
- Tea Garden and Whisper Boat hire Overleek, Monnickendam (Overleek), Telephone 0299 - 652735?
- Het Weeshuis, Monnickendam, Telephone 0299 - 653642
- Henk John, Holysloot, Telephone 020 - 4904612

Folders and maps
Folders with route descriptions and maps are available from
- Information Point/VVV Branch Monnickendam, tel. 0299 - 820046



Aandammer route

Phone number: 0299 820 046
Website: www.twiske-waterland.nl