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Places like Monnickendam, Volendam and Edam are all situated on the banks of the Gouwzee. In the harbours you can see old tjalks, clippers and botters lying side by side with modern yachts. If you close your eyes, you can smell the past: the smell of smoked fish makes your mouth water. Marken and the shores of the Gouwzee have a rich and heroic past of brave fishermen and high seas. For centuries, fishermen’s families here had to fight to save their homes from natural disasters.

Available cycling trails
Gouwzee trail (48 km)
Around Watergang (35.6 km)
Aeën & Dieen trail (34 km)

You can also cycle these trails using the Cycling Junction Point Network of Laag Holland. The nearest junction points are 52 and 53.

Available hiking trails
Eel trail (14 km)

Available sailing routes
Gouwen route (10 km)
Aandammer route (15 km)
Buitenweeren route (12 km)

Waterland-East is ideal for canoeing. Paddle past richly flowered shores and wide reed beds where typical reed birds like the sedge warbler, small and great reed warbler loudly make themselves heard. From the water you have a wonderful view of the colourful houses in the characteristic villages painted in their Waterland colours.

For other activities and facilities, check the Natuurwegwijzer website.



TOP Waterlandse Zeedijk
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