Resting point: Petting Farm De Ridder

At the petting farm, visitors can come into contact with all sorts of farm animals. The children are allowed into various pens and almost all the animals may be petted.

The petting farm as it is today, besides a living area, also has a stall with different breeds of animal, a hugging corner and a barn that is used as a stable or delivery room, an educational area/classroom where cheese making demonstrations, lectures and exhibitions are organized, a staff area and a large hay loft. Outside there is a grazing meadow, chicken run, rabbit hill, duck pond, apiary and an orchard with different varieties of apple, pear and plum. 

During the week several people from the Prinsenstichting are on the petting farm. They help with all sorts of jobs on the farm. Children from in and around Purmerend also do social internships on the petting farm.



Rustpunt: Kinderboerderij De Ridder
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