Resting Spot: Cheese farm/clog maker De Simonehoeve

For generations, the family Klomp has had a dairy farm and also a large herd of sheep. With Amsterdam only 15 kilometres away and Volendam literally a stone’s throw away, the Simonehoeve has the ideal location.

Cheese and clogs have been made at this location for more than 30 years. It goes without saying that they use the milk from their own cows to produce their delicious farmer’s cheeses. The cheese makers, the clog makers, the cheese tasting and the extensive souvenir shop are all on the ground floor. They are happy to explain how the cheese and clogs are made and you can also see this. The access, the guided tour and the cheese tasting are all totally free.

There is a restaurant on the first Floor. The ambient style of Old-Volendam and the waiters in traditional clothing give the restaurant a cosy, friendly atmosphere. Of course the Simonehoeve also has all the facilities of a resting spot.

However, there is much more to experience at the Simonehoeve. They organize fun, entertaining workshops and activities like cheese making, clog making, decorating, eel smoking, traditional Dutch games, bike (puzzle) trails and treasure hunts on foot.



Resting Spot: Cheese farm/clog maker De Simonehoeve
Wagenweg 5

Email: info@simonehoeve.­nl